About the Authors & Contributors

Editor-In-Chief – Michael Brooks

Hello, my name is Michael Brooks. I live in a rural town called Newaygo north of Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am 28 years old, married to Caiti since December of 2013. I am a father of two wonderful children. I began my college education by attending Boyce College (undergrad program at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) for 2.5 years until the Lord had other plans in mind. After moving and working for a bit I enrolled at Grace Bible College (now Grace Christian University) and I graduated college in 2017 with a Bachelors in Ministry & Leadership from Grace Christian University.

I feel called to local church ministry and desire a pastoral role. My passion is biblical studies. I enjoy reading of all kinds, the game of chess, and am an avid sports fan. I continue to self-educate until the Lord allows me to get into Seminary and further formal education. Right now, I have just taken a position as Principle and Head Administrator for a private K-12 school, Northern Discovery Academy.

I am thankful for the Lord’s guidance, faithfulness and love. I continue to ask for His grace as He makes me into the man I am intended to be.

Contributor – Don Brooks

Don Brooks holds a Bachelor’s in Bible from Grand Rapids Baptist College and Seminary (now Cornerstone University) as well as a Masters of Religious Education from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. He has over 30 years of Pastoral and Ministry Experience. He has served as a Ratio Christi Chapter Director and Regional Director. He is the father of seven children. Now, he lives in Newaygo, Michigan where he co-founded and teaches at Northern Discovery Academy as well as serving in his local church.

Contributor – David Voetberg

David lives & serves as a missionary in Northeast Thailand with his wife & daughter. They are involved in church planting & desire to see Christ crucified proclaimed to Thai people near & far. You can get in touch with David on Facebook @davevoetberg or through email: davevoetberg@gmail.com

Contributor – Will Brooks

I am Will Brooks and I currently live with my wife and two cats in Michigan. I grew up with a big family and lots of moving in, over, and around the States. This also enabled me to spread Steeler and Star Wars cheer all across the nation which made me happy. I went to school at Cornerstone University and received my Bachelor of Arts in Ancient Studies because I wanted to do some form of ministry to honor God my Savior. Cornerstone is also the place where I also found my wife! After graduating I began teaching at Northern Discovery Academy (and took my rightful place as nearly interesting teacher).