If At First You Fail…

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”
– Marcus Garvey

Some years back I tried to start a blog. It was truly an attempt to forget. In fact, it barely started! I am not by nature someone that excels at doing something regularly over a long period of time. Those kinds of tasks can be something that began interesting to me but over time I grew weary in or bored of and gave up.

Knowing this about myself I have decided to try again. Why? I have a belief that longer-form communication is necessary and important to have truly meaningful conversation. Alongside of that belief, I also have a desire to share about the variety of things that interest me and learned about. Even more importantly, I hope this may be of some help to those that care to read or listen.

So what will I write about? It will be wide-ranging and maybe in that more interesting to more people. One thing I do not like about the blogosphere is how single-focused each blog is. I understand branding and message are important (I work in social media and online marketing!) and that they need to be unified and consistent. I also understand that writers have particular interests and passions. I will seek to be slightly different. It is my goal to write on a variety of truly different topics.

In that spirit, I have decided to write on almost anything. Here is a list of what I do know I will write on at some point but it is probably not exhaustive.

Books & Literature – I am a reader and am keen to share my reviews and thoughts on what I am reading. Along with this I enjoy discussing what makes enriching stories in general.

Current Issues in Christianity & Biblical Studies – I would like to submit my opinion on these matters.

Family Life & Parenting – The latter is an area I am increasingly frustrated by in our culture, but even more importantly in the current Evangelical Christian world. I truly believe this will be my most personally meaningful writing.

Societal Currents & Politics – Since about 2014-2015 I have taken up a very serious interest in what we usually call “politics”. What I mean by this is: political philosophy, social issues, justice, worldview issues (ex: critical theory, identity politics, nationalism) and more. I must thank my brother-in-law Josh for really getting me to engage and think about these things in a serious way.

Chess – I love this game and have essentially dedicated my “hobby-life” to mastering this game to the best of my abilities. I love to teach the game, discuss its history and track professional events and players. This is mostly for my own interest but if you enjoy it too, even better!

Sports – These articles may be shorter but I do enjoy talking about sports. I was raised in a sports family and the fandom of sports is deeply engrained within me.

There are other ideas I am considering but those mentioned are certainties and long-term passions that I know will come up. I dare not boast to be one of the best writers you will read but I will work to avoid being the worst. My desire is that the content will outweigh any personal faults of my own and that in some way I can contribute to the important and enriching conversations we must all have.

Until next time.

Michael Brooks

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