Guns and New Gun Owners

by Guest Contributor Josh Postma

From the Editor: Guest contributors do not necessarily represent the views and beliefs of Life, Mind, and Things or our contributors.

To my fellow gun nuts and new gun owners. For those of you who don’t know me, I am the brother in law of the Editor in Chief, the honorable Mr. Brooks. My name is Josh. 

For those of you who do know me, I offer both apologies and middle fingers. I have been mindlessly ranting about social and political issues for years. Sober or intoxicated seems to matter not when I have thoughts on a particular issue despite the protests and eye rolling of friends and family. I am a U.S. Marine, 0311 for 6 years and a mercenary for quite some time afterwards.

After years in various hot spots throughout the world and countless hours of training, I struggle to care about the discomfort of people who are upset by mere words. I am working on it. Today, you shall be the unwitting and somewhat involuntary guests on the strange workings of my mind and instincts.

I respectfully request that any and all readers offer prayers and sympathies towards the Honorable Mr and Mrs Brooks. If they seem mentally unwell, I am likely to blame. 

We live in interesting times to say the least and a lot of people are nervous about the goings on for many reasons and I don’t blame them. We have riots, both coherent and incoherent. Government agents, be they police or CDC, seem to be making up the rules as they go. The mainstream media is supposed to be the watchdog that keeps us informed about the lies coming from our leaders, yet they seem to be pathological liars who can’t stop no matter how often they are caught in a lie. 

Our economy seems to be on the brink of collapse with at least one political party gleefully watching hoping to see a return of their relevance. Food shortages, mobs, an election year and all the chaos that goes with it.
Not to mention the dirty communist virus that came from a dirty communist lab under the control of a dirty communist party who paid off the dirty communist media to cover for them. 

All the chaos has made sensible people feel like they are on their own. Many of these people have strayed from their comfort zone and purchased a piece of polymer and metal that they don’t understand. There are estimates out there that there may be as many as 5 million new gun owners. I’m sure that some of you know a few folks who bought their first AR-15.

Gun owners and enthusiasts, this is our time to shine gun owners. Guns have divided many people across the years. A great many have switched sides recently. Even if they are skittish about it. Many folks who considered themselves to be anti-gun or indifferent have suddenly decided that there is a massive gap in their skills and inventory. They must be scared, nervous and terrified to suddenly decide to drop $500 on a new handgun and possibly more on ammo. Many may be feeling lost, unsure of what to do about the surprisingly heavy chunk of metallic death that sits on their nightstand now.

Be there for them. They know that they aren’t as experienced as us. They know there has been bad blood in arguments over Christmas dinner. There have been many times that they have accused people who are armed of being uncaring and unfeeling towards the suffering of the souls lost in a mass shooting or every day gangland violence. Let it go. Be welcoming to them. They are nervous and open minded enough to change an opinion even if it’s a temporary change they might reverse later. Offer to show them the weapons safety rules.  Recommend a YouTube channel they can watch to learn more as they dip their toes. Be tolerant of other differences you have had in the past. Help them anyway. The new gun owners won’t forget that.

Many of us need to feel like we aren’t alone, fear is most definitely contagious. Incoherent and reactionary fear is a disease of the human condition. Many of us know this. But, courage is also contagious. After 6 years of active duty and multiple deployments I’ve seen with my own eyes and heard the stories about what an average dude who has some balls can accomplish. Testicular fortitude is known professionally as “violence of action”. It is shocking how often such a concept has saved the day. Courage is contagious. 

The new gun owners have demonstrated enough courage to change. Don’t humiliate or make fun of them too badly (but new gun owners please admit it, It’s kinda funny). The new gun owners have shown a spark of courage.  Don’t stomp it out.  

Weapons are fundamental to our natural right of self defense. Our right to self defense is predicated on the fact that we are inherently people worthy of respect as we are made in the image of our creator. For the atheists out there, we sentient beings are deserving of the right to defend our lives by virtue of our humanity.

That self ownership can ignite a fire in the hearts of people. Previous despair and fear can be replaced. Replaced by a small sense of unity. Unity with a combined will and spirit to keep going, knowing they aren’t alone. People will not feel alone. If they are fearful, they have hope knowing that courage is still spreading. 

All of us gun nuts are ambassadors. Ambassadors with both a civilization at stake and ears willing to listen as long as we are welcoming. Be patient, be generous, be the rock that many are hoping you are. Gun owners are Ambassadors. Act like it. 

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